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Saturday, February 26, 2011

studio {in pictures}.

I had nothing planned for blogging today. So, I decided to share my "studio"! Enjoy!

Above is a little shelf that my dad made a while back. I use it to hold my mists, masks, glitters, and punches. :)

Above are my mists and glitters.

And, some of my punches on the shelf.

This is my stack of albums and an embellishment box. These sit on top of a big plastic container.

These are some boxes of random embellishments and a box of tiny stampers.

The big plastic box I talked about above. It holds boxes of store-bought kits, project embellishments (pipe cleaners, pom poms, beads, etc.). And, it holds a bit of cardstock and other papers.

My Cricut. I absolutely love this machine. Now, I just need to start using it more! 

This is the wall that I hang my finished layouts on. I can hold six up there, plus other random bits and pieces. I keep layouts up there until I run out of room and then they get sorted into an album. :)

This is my paper cutting table. I have my large and small trimmer on here and there's still space to put scraps or other stuff, just for a little while.

This is where I store my kits from Studio Calico. Each kit gets it's own shelf. And, the top shelf I currently have reserved for extra patterned papers.

On top of the kit shelf... I have a bin that holds all of my most-used items. This includes inks, paints, adhesive, stamps, paper cutter (hand kind), etc. And, it's within arms reach.

And, last but not least... my little table! It's just a temporary one. I'm hoping to upgrade in the near future! Please excuse the semi-messiness. I tried to clean it up as best I could before taking this picture. :)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour! Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo - Kasey