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Friday, August 10, 2012

fighter squat {the odd balls}

We have a few smart alecs in our family. Nothing wrong with it because it provides plenty of laughs. I'm just stating the facts. ha! So, without fail, we are guaranteed to have cheesy or silly pictures because someone just can't hold back and be normal. This also led to silly photos while on vacation. I knew I needed to scrap this one of my dad because this stance was very fighter-esque (minus the squat). 

AC white zing! | AC .03 black pen

I'm slowly working my way through using up the Studio Calico Elmwood Park kit. The masculine colors within the kit are perfect for a lot of our vacation pictures because we were in a woodsy area. :) 
I embossed the white polka dot stampings. I decided to add them because the page seemed to be missing something & I needed a place to add in my journaling without randomly throwing it into a spot in the middle. 

Thanks for looking! 

xoxo - Kasey

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

golf course birds.

We took a little weekend getaway this past weekend. And, we decided to drive around a little bit. We came across this golf course & there were tons of geese all around it. They were darling! So happy I was able to grab a few shots! 

And, we drove around a little lake where we saw this gorgeous bird. I'm guessing a heron, but not 100% sure. It was beautiful, though! And, kind enough to pose for a picture! haha. 

xoxo - Kasey

Monday, August 6, 2012

3rd birthday

Our little baby's 3rd birthday was yesterday. It's hard to believe she's three years old now! Crazy! We spoil her so much & her birthday was no exception. She got a lick of icing and a piece of popcorn (foods that we normally don't allow her). And, today I was able to get out to the little pet shop and we bought her an ice cream cookie for puppies. I thought it was adorable and decided it would be a good treat for her birthday! Here are some pictures of her enjoying it... :) 

The cookie itself.

Right before presenting her with the birthday treat!

Taking a little whiff before having a nibble.

We love her to pieces and are so blessed to have such a sweetie pie in our lives. Happy 3rd birthday, Madigan! 


Thanks for stopping by today! 

xoxo - Kasey