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Monday, August 22, 2011

cute x2.

That's the title of the layout I have to share today! :) So, I'm going to make this a quick post because I still have some last minute work to finish and I would like to hop into my scrap room for a bit!

jbs spice tin ink | sc moon stamp | sc addy alpha | white uniball signo pen |
fiskars star punch | sc mr. huey bluegrass

I'm trying to finish up Boardwalk so that when the next kit arrives in early September I'll be ready to go! This is one of the last pages I'll be making with this kit. I think I can squeeze one... MAYBE two more out of it. We'll see, though! 

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your week! 

xoxo - Kasey

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

four is a fabulous number.

And, that is the number of layouts I have to share today! :) I made these a week or two ago, but just never got around to posting them. So, I figured since I have time today I might as well! All of these were completed using the Studio Calico August kit, Boardwalk.

sc mr. huey clay | white uniball signo pen

This was just a simple layout that took practically no time at all. Just about my dog get a lick or two of icing on her birthday. :) 

sc mr. huey dewey | sc mr. huey calico shine | fiskars star punch | white uniball signo pen |
ek success large circle border punch 

I made this layout for Val's August Kit Killer challenge over on the Studio Calico message boards. She posted a sketch by Liz Chidester that we were supposed to follow. Loved that sketch! 

ac white zing! | sc frame circle stamp | jbs stick candy ink | fiskars star punch |
ac .03 precision pen | versamark stamp pad

Nothing really to explain about this page. I just had some fun messing around with heat embossing! 

sc mr. huey heirloom blue | ac .03 precision pen | sc notion flower | 
want2scrap green pearl bling

I was inspired by this pin on pinterest and this layout by Mim. The way the words on that pin were done made me think it would be something that could easily translate into misting. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! :) Have a lovely Tuesday! 

xoxo - Kasey

Saturday, August 6, 2011

starting to walk on the boardwalk.

I just got the new Studio Calico kit, Boardwalk, yesterday! I've made two layouts with it so far and I'm loving it! I also purchased to Zing! from the shop... Aqua & White. I've used Aqua on one layout so far and let me tell you, I'm loving heat embossing! So fun! Here are the two layouts I've made...

sc circle frame stamp | aqua Zing! | mr. huey bluegrass | white signo pen

I made this page for the August Kit Killer challenge over at Studio Calico. The first challenge that Val posted was to use Zing! on your page in some way. I first stamped the frame using Versamark and then I heat embossed with the Aqua Zing! to make it pop. :) 


ek success notebook border punch | mr. huey estate green | fiskars star punch 

 I followed the OA Blog Sketch to create this page. I made this page for the August Kit Killer challenge, too. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

xoxo - Kasey

Friday, August 5, 2011

happy birthday, sweet pea!

It's my sweet little puppy's birthday today! She's two! I cannot believe how fast time has flown with her. We'll have her two years in October. Here's a picture I snapped of her today (btw, the cake is actually for my mom, but we decided to play around and put a '2' on there to celebrate our pup!)...

The table really isn't slanted, my camera was! :)

I love you Madi-boo! I hope your birthday was awesome! And, thanks for being a player and allowing me to hold the party hat on your head... I know you weren't too keen of it! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Friday! 

xoxo - Kasey

P.S. I made her a little party hat which you can see here. The picture won't load properly on here... 

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hey there! I'm here to share a quick card on which I tried out a new technique. I saw this video on Youtube demonstrating how to make bows for your cards and scrapbook projects. Now, I'm absolutely obsessed with bows. I wear them in my hair all the time. Ask any of my family or friends! lol. So, I thought this would be the perfect embellishment for me to learn how to make. Well, I watched the video about two times and then I went on to try out my own. Here's the card I added it to...

sc mr. huey estate green | sc cupboard paper | sc/basic grey collab alphas

Super simple! The bow isn't the best..., but it was my first time and I couldn't seem to get the measurements right (even though she said the exact measure in the video!). haha. But, I'm pretty happy with it and I can totally see myself making more of these cute little bows in the future! 

Thanks for looking! 

xoxo - Kasey  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

puppy dose.

It's my sweet mama's birthday! Happy birthday, mom! So, I decided to mix it up a little bit because my mom loves our puppy. And, share some photos from my 'puppy photo shoot' with my dog! I thought maybe she could make someone smile today! :)

Sleepy girl.

Upside. She loves to roll on her back!

That sweet face melts my heart.

So silly.

"Do you want something?"

Well, I hope she at least brought a little drop of happiness to you, today! Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely afternoon!

xoxo - Kasey

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello there! Can you believe it's August already? I feel like I barely caught a piece of July and now we're already starting another month! It makes me sad because that means summer is dwindling down. *sigh*

I have two new layouts to share, though! So, that cheers me up a bit! I made both of these over the weekend with some product that I picked up while at CKC. :)

Conquer is a layout about me and how I need to start letting go of my shyness. I didn't really do much journaling, but it was kind of therapeutic getting a page done that will motivate me talk to people!

mr. huey lunch tray | sc pink notions | sc natalee alpha stamp | jbs spice tin ink
jbs ticket | eyelet outlet white arrow brad | sc wallpaper paper | want2scrap pearls

I love the subtlety of the Lunchtray Mr. Huey. Very pretty color! The clustered Notions idea came to me while I was sitting in church (thinking about scrapping church... bad, I know!). lol. I felt like the Notions were missing a little something so I topped them with cream colored pearl.

CKC 2011 Summer is a layout with all the memorabilia I collected at the event tucked in the pocket. I also added a few pictures from the building to add a visual.

ki memories pocket folder | sc wood veneer star | jbs chewing gum paint | jbs spice tin ink
sc natalee alpha stamp | sc addy alpha stamp | sc kraft butterfly stickers | sc label stickers

I can't remember where I got that adorable pom pom trim, but I know it was from a vendor in the faire. The layout is pretty self-explanatory considering most of it is pictures and memorabilia. :)

Well, I thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog today! Have a lovely Monday evening!

xoxo - Kasey