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Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow day scrapping.

Hello everyone! We had a snow day today... which you could probably more call and "ice day" because we only got like an inch of snow and the rest ice! Well, anyways... I'm happy about the day off. It gave me the opportunity to scrap! Yippee! That's something I haven't done in a few weeks. haha. So, here's my pages...

polka dot stamp | ms small monarch(?) butterfly punch | malted milk ink

Enjoy today is a page about my family and I on Christmas Day 2010. I'm so happy to have this picture scrapped. :)

And, this is based of this fabulous page by Tina

mr hydrangea mist | ms classic & monarch(?) butterfly punch | mr leaf stick pin | sc butterfly stamps | jbs malted milk ink | jbs stick candy ink

Sunshine is a page about my sweet pup! I love that picture of her. :)

This page is based off of this page by Nicole

So, that's all I've got today! Off to scrap some more! & Yes, I've been keeping up with Project 365 photos (only missed one day!). Just haven't been keeping up with posting them. haha. But, I have them. ;)

xoxo - Kasey

P.S. - Y'all happy that today is reveal day over at Studio Calico? The Candy Shoppe kit is looking fabulous!


  1. Great pages. TFS! And I am always super excited about reveal. Especially this kit...looks so fun!