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Sunday, January 9, 2011

a paw, a fortune cookie, and a cute face.

Hey everyone! Back again with Project 365: Days 7, 8, and 9. :) I promise that soon I will have something besides p. 365. I have a few layouts in the works... so I should be relieving your boredom soon! Anyways, here's days 7, 8, and 9....

Day 7:

Friday afternoon was extremely lazy. My mom was taking down decorations, but I was worn out from the week and just wanted to lounge. Madi slept on my lap. I snapped this picture of me holding her little paw.

Day 8:

Saturday morning we went to a local historical area and shot a video for my brother's school project. It was snowing for a bit. Then, we headed out to basketball and cheerleading. Saturday night Mass came after. And, then we ate Chinese takeout for dinner. Everyone went to watch football afterwards and I watched Legally Blonde. 

 Day 9:

Today was homework and a very (I mean very!) teeny amount of scrapbooking time. It was also more basketball and cheer. Before heading out to help the cheerleaders, I took some pictures of little Madi. Here's my favorite of the bunch.

Thanks for stopping by today! Be back soon!

xoxo - Kasey


  1. I'm craving fortune cookies now.. LOL.

  2. Great pics - and what a cutie pie xxx

  3. love the pictures. i'm full from lunch but now i want a fortune cookie!