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Thursday, December 1, 2011

hello, december.

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 December, it's nice to see you. 
While, I'm not completely thrilled with the fact of extremely cold weather or that another year is almost done...
I am thrilled to wear cute scarfs, trendy boots, cozy cardigans, and fuzzy hats. 
I am thrilled that hot cocoa can now be drunk (it's cold enough!). 
I am thrilled that the holidays are right around the corner. I love that!
I am thrilled that snow could be coming soon (or maybe not?). 
I am thrilled to be able to begin Christmas present shopping & making!
I am thrilled to be coming up on winter break. 
I am thrilled to have the fireplace going, just makes things seem more cozy. However, the accompanying bill is not something I'm thrilled with. 
I am thrilled to be able to wear fuzzy socks... those are staple in the winter for me.
I am thrilled to be able to wrap myself in a cocoon of blankets at night... I love doing that while watching T.V. 
I am thrilled that we are in the turkey dinner & pumpkin pie stretch of the year.
I am thrilled and blessed that I am able to spend this year with my family. I love them to pieces! 

December, I'm glad you're here. Please stay awhile! 

xoxo - Kasey

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