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Sunday, October 3, 2010

studio calico {new blog!}

Studio Calico has a new blog up! It's pretty fantastic. The new look is so fun and fresh! And, to celebrate this event they have decided to do a couple giveaways. So, if you were referred to Studio Calico by someone or you referred someone else, you can be entered to win a prize "pair" (this means that both the referrer & the referee will win the same prize!). And, SC members can "refer" other SC members! How cool is that?

Some of the awesome prizes include the Elementary collection, a spot in Amy Tan's new online class, a free one year subscription to SC, and so on! All you need to do is be told or tell someone to go the new blog and leave a post stating the referee and the referrer's name & username. Easy, right?

So get moving over there and leave a post on the new blog. Tell them Kasey (pumpkinmuffin7) or whoever sent you!

Oh, and Studio Calico is also having a sale! 20% off all of October's add-ons (that are still available). I'm not buying anything this month, but you should certainly take this opportunity! I'm sure it'll give you a push to pick up those add-ons that you held off on! 

Have a lovely Sunday! xoxo - Kasey

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  1. Heading over to post your referral - do the same for me and maybe we can win together! I'm Jennifer 'sillypea'