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Sunday, October 24, 2010

a market, four pumpkins, and one huge mess!

Thanks for stopping by and happy Sunday! Today was a holiday prep kind of day in my household! We stopped by a local market type place to buy our pumpkins. They sell them for a cheap price, too! Which is awesome. More for less! While we were picking out our pumpkins, we were informed that they sold a variety of foods in side the little house. So, we went in to investigate. We ended up leaving with some cheddar cheese, a large slice of Zucchini Nut bread, and a large slice of Pumpkin Nut bread... and, of course, four pumpkins! All of the food was made by local farmers... which is a huge plus! It's great to be able to support them. Now, onto some pictures! These are of pumpkins and some other items at the market.

 I hope to be back soon with something crafty! Have a lovely evening! :)

xoxo - Kasey

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  1. We still need to get our pumpkins. Looks like you had fun!