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Monday, October 25, 2010

currents, again.

It seems like all I ever post on this blog anymore is... currents. I really love doing them, though! And they're quick and easy to post when I really have nothing else to share (or am short on time!). Which is good because y'all might think I've forgotten about this blog or died or something if I didn't post from time to time!
So, here's another currents post. I think I'm going to start doing these weekly! :)

listening: Sara Bareilles - Bottle It Up & Ingrid Michaelson - Maybe.
eating: Nothing.  
drinking: Nothing.
wearing: My workout clothes. I didn't change after practice.
feeling: Tired.
weather: Dark, windy.
wanting: To eat something.
thinking: About food and sleep.
enjoying: The light next to me. It's great to be able to see in the dark.
needing: To finish my powerpoint.
wondering: How long it will take me to finish that powerpoint.

Have a lovely night! xoxo - Kasey

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