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Sunday, November 7, 2010

paws, light & paint splatters.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to pop in quickly and share a few things. I've been really getting into photography lately and wanted to share some stuff, as well as a project I made for my art class. Here we go...

^ I love this one! The perspective of it, puppy's little paw, and the toy. It's just a picture that captures puppy so good! That makes me smile!

^ My project. It may look messy, but that's the point. I painted all of the objects & the base white. Then, I took six different colored Maya mists & misted & splattered all over the project.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and have a lovely Sunday evening! Enjoy that extra hour of sleep tomorrow! :)

xoxo - Kasey


  1. lookin pretty cool. We had daylight savings time last week .. no wonder my mom snapped at me a little when I called her from here LOL.

  2. cool photos! i love the first one