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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

on the road again.

Technically, it's not again, but... I needed a semi-snazzy title.

Here's the deal... I'm leaving to go visit my mom's friend. I'll be gone from today (July 7) to Sunday (July 11). I am really excited to be seeing her, but will miss so many things...

1. My puppy. I'm gonna miss her and her kisses. She's the sweetest!
2. My dad. He's staying home because of work...
3. My SC package. It's due to arrive tomorrow. I so wish I could be here, but I'm calling it my "return present". hehe.
4. My blog, the message boards, and the internet itself. Well, that's kind of self-explanatory... I practically live on the internet (which is kind of a bad thing...).

Anyways, I hope ya'll have a lovely rest of the week/weekend. I'll "see" you when I get back!

xoxo - Kasey

P.S. And if you're expecting any packages from... SC per se... I hope you enjoy them when they get there!

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