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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I actually got two layouts done today! That is awesome, considering it's a week day. lol.
Hoping to share them this weekend or maybe Friday. I'm actually kind of proud of them, even if they are a bit... "pieced together". As in, some things are crooked and I'm running out of adhesive and not using the kind I normally would. And some of the adhesive that I am using ends up showing. It's quite a disaster... being out of adhesive. Oh well, I'll head off to the store soon.

Anywho, I just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow night at midnight (the 27th going into the 28th) Studio Calico will be having their Partly Sunny: June Kit reveal. Sounds like fun! I so cannot wait to see what the team has put together this month. Believe me, it's like Christmas morning every month when I get to see the reveal!

I'm hoping to talk again soon!

Have a happy Wednesday. xoxo - Kasey

P.S. Today is the 26th... in case I confused you with the whole Studio Calico thing. And I'm sorry if I got you excited thinking today was the day because... it's not. *sigh* ;)


  1. Hi Kasey!!! Good for you for getting scrapping done!! I have a question for you, well actually it is more a question for your parents!! As you know I am moving in a month or two. I am going through the "studio" and trying reduce my supplies. I know that you are still building your stash, and I would love to be able to send you some goods if you were interested. I know that it would be a safety issue to send it to your home as it is not wise to send an internet friend your home address. (DH is retired police.) I was wondering if maybe your parents could send me an address of a third party. Maybe a family friend or relative. I wouldn't even need a name. I could just address it to Kasey and then their address???? Ask your mom and dad if they have any ideas on a safe way I could get this package to you, if you were even interested and IF your parents agree. I am a mom of two girls and safety is paramount. I'll send you my email address and if I get a random email telling me to send a parcel for you, I'll be on it!! :) Hope we can figure this out because I'd love my overflow to go to good use and I think you are just the creative girl to use it up!!

    My email is

    Have a great weekend!! :) Jen

  2. Hi Kasey!!! Aww, too bad it didn't work out but I totally understand. I just thought that I would ask on the chance that we could figure out a safe way. A blog giveaway is a great idea and I may just think of doing that sometime in the future!! Have a great weekend with hopefully some scrapping time. :) Jen